The application period for the Fall 2023 term has closed. We are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your interest.

Web Development Internship

Prime Root is seeking a web development intern for Fall 2023. Interns in this role will update client web content, design new web features, and contribute to the development of websites for clients and other projects. Interns will work for Prime Root and have the opportunity to work with one or more client organizations specializing in various science, health and arts disciplines. 

The internship requires a commitment of 10 hours per week for about 16 weeks, from September 4 to December 15. Hourly compensation is based on experience, with pay starting at $15 per hour. Most work will be completed remotely with the potential for in-person meetings. Interns are expected to have some availability during traditional business hours on weekdays. 

Candidates must be current undergraduate or graduate students with excellent communication skills and a passion for science. Preferred are candidates that reside in Madison, Wisconsin full time and will be continuing their education during the Spring 2023 semester. Scheduling is flexible enough to accommodate pre-planned vacations and absences discussed in advance.

Exceptional interns may be offered an opportunity to extend the position beyond the initial term.


Prime Root a science communication consultancy based in Madison. We work with science, health and arts organizations to improve communication practices, build organizational capacity, design web and print assets, and develop customized communication and content strategies. 

Principal consultant Robert Beets manages all projects and will be the direct supervisor for this internship. Interns may also have the opportunity to work and communicate directly with clients.

Prime Root is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants meeting necessary qualifications will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other protected categories. Prime Root encourages people who identify with underrepresented communities or marginalized groups to apply for this internship.


As part-time contractors, web development interns apply their skills to the creation of content, the management of websites and communication channels, and the advancement of various web development projects for clients and Prime Root. 

Interns are expected to be reliable, motivated, and professional in every aspect of their work. 

Responsibilities will be tailored to fit the needs of the clients and the expectations and goals of the contributing intern. The following tasks are likely to be included in an intern’s scope of work.

  • Proof and edit web content
  • Update webpages and web content
  • Manage content publishing schedules
  • Coordinate content reviews and migration projects
  • Develop and update web processes and procedures
  • Develop information architecture and sitemaps
  • Design new web elements and features
  • Evaluate user experience and paths
  • Test responsive designs
  • Adhere to web styles


Candidates must meet the following requirement to apply:

  • Current student enrolled in a degree granting institution

Candidates must possess the following general work skills:

  • Communicates well with coworkers
  • Pays close attention to details
  • Problem solves independently
  • Challenges inconsistencies
  • Works very efficiently
  • Remains respectful

Candidates must have a strong proficiency:

  • Working within strict limitations
  • Adhering to style and processes
  • Writing concise and logical content
  • Producing error-free drafts and documents
  • Managing multiple tasks and deadlines
  • Communicating effectively with others
  • Meeting project expectations
  • Keeping organized files

Skills / Experience

Required technical skills include:

  • Web content management (words, images)
  • Front-end website management (html, css)

Preferred technical skills include:

  • Web development and coding (php, sql, javascript)
  • Graphic design and document design
  • Photo selection and editing
  • Video creation and editing

Preferred experience includes:

  • Management of website content for an employer or group
  • Coordination of web development projects or website launches
  • Development of web templates, website designs, or web style guides

A lack of proficiency or experience in any single skill area does not disqualify applicants. This internship is meant to be an opportunity to build on weaknesses as well as express strengths.


The application period for the Fall 2023 web development internship has closed. We are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your interest.

Selection Process

After an initial review of the resume and letter, additional documents, work samples, and references may be requested. No phone conversations will be granted prior to receiving a resume and letter. Thank you for respecting this request.

All applicants will receive timely updates regarding the status of their application and hiring decisions. This page will be updated to reflect any changes to the status of this opportunity.


Interns accepting a position will commit to a fixed term consisting of either 8 or 16 weeks. Interns showing proficiency and enthusiasm during the initial term may be offered the opportunity to extend their appointment. Term months and durations are approximately:

  • Summer (June–August), 8 weeks
  • Fall (September–December), 16 weeks
  • Winter (December–January), 8 weeks
  • Spring (February–May), 16 weeks

The Fall 2023 term is will start the first or second full week in September and conclude at an agreed upon date in December.

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